10 Quarantine Marketing Tasks To Implement Right Now

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Well, recent weeks have certainly been a wild ride, and you’ve received more than enough COVID-19 emails!.  We’d like to offer you something useful instead.


While every business owner is facing personal and professional challenges as we try to sustain critical operations and adapt to rapidly changing economic conditions, we want you to know — this is also an opportunity; a chance to pivot your business objectives, goals and practices, and concentrate on taking steps to keep your business healthy and positioned to thrive when the recovery happens.


What better time than now to do some housekeeping, while we have a little more time on our hands?


We’ve comprised a list of 10 Quarantine Marketing Tasks to implement for your business now. These are low-to-no-cost ideas that will help you proactively keep your business well positioned for the  soon-to-be upturn, that we are confident is on the horizon.


Spending some time working on these fundamental tasks now, we believe, will set your business and website up to re-emerge in even better shape than you were before.


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1. Optimize your Google My Business Page
Your GMB page is where you manage exactly how your business appears in Google search and Google map results. When you optimize your GMB page, it helps Google deliver the most accurate information about your business: who you are, what you do or sell, your location(s) and a link to your website. The more information you can populate in your GMB page, the more types of search queries your business may appear in.


2. Publicity
New hire, equipment, service, promotion or product?  Spread the word to the media. Online articles or blogs are great for business and for SEO value. Once you land an article in a valuable trade publication, you get a bonus: bragging rights, such as the coveted “As Seen In” badge on your website.


3. Ask customers for 5 ⭐️ Google reviews

Want to legitimize and increase your business without spending a dime?  Get Google Reviews! Google Reviews provide many benefits to your business:

  • Reviews improve and boost the visibility and SEO of your business on Google. The more reviews your business has (and in the most places such as; Yelp, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) the higher your company will rank in related searches.
  • Customer testimonials provide an invaluable tool you can repurpose on your website and in your marketing materials or emails. Hearing real customer feedback builds trust in new prospects.
  • Reviews help you understand your audience and customers in order to improve business practices.


4. Implement your own Local SEO

Local SEO is something anyone can do. Here’s a quick way to boost your presence on the web:




Adding your business to local directory listings are a great way to optimize your website for local SEO. While it can be time consuming, there are tools that can assist in making the process easier, and the results make all of the effort worthwhile. The key here is to make sure that every single entry is EXACTLY the same. Be sure to mirror the exact formatting of your company from your GMB page and website. Think The Patch, Facebook, Yelp, NextDoor etc. Also Moz Local provides a quick and free audit of your current status in a few major directories.


5. Evolve your business for a Post-Corona world

Have you figured out how to pivot to adapt to current or future needs of your customers?


Are you a brick and mortar store?  Time to sell online or deliver.


Are you a manufacturer?  Time to develop newly in-demand products.


Are you a needed service?  Spread the word through useful webinars and blogs.


Let’s brainstorm how you can evolve your unique business for our changed future.


6. Pre-Sell now at a discount
If you are confident about future sales, consider raising cash by pre-selling your product, subscriptions or services now to be used at a later date.


7. Build your Photo Library
Now is the time to front burner your back burnered projects. Organize, retouch, or take photos now so you’ll have them ready to post on social media, in email communications or on your website when you need them.


8. Form a Promo Posse
Assemble a close group of friends, associates, clients and customers to be your promo posse; each one liking, following, sharing and commenting on each other’s social or blog posts to help build a following and bolster legitimacy and influence.


9. Does your brand need a COVID-19 FAQ page?
While we’ve seen a lot of them, they will help calm any fears and alert customers as to how you are adapting and continuing your business during the crisis.


10. Plan your comeback!
You probably won’t have time when it happens, so plan it all out now. How will you get the word out that you’re open for business? What promotions will you run? How will you make customers feel safe to return? Plan your on and offline strategies now and be prepared.


•  •  •  •  •


If you had budgeted for initiatives that aren’t feasible right now such as trade shows, or travel, let’s talk about how you might reallocate some of those funds to marketing initiatives that may better serve you in the days ahead.


While we realize many of you have pushed pause – be careful not to be caught off guard when the recovery happens. Most brands are shifting to a digital- first strategy. It’s time to consider things you may have shied away from before.


We at Thinkhouse are used to working from home, so not that much has changed in our daily lives. We are here and ready to brainstorm or work with you on any of the above and more as your trusted (and fun) marketing partner.


Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy.


If you have any questions feel free to respond directly to this email:
917.805.0480 or email wethink@thinkhouse.com

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