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10 Quarantine Marketing Tasks To Implement Right Now

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Well, recent weeks have certainly been a wild ride, and you’ve received more than enough COVID-19 emails!.  We’d like to offer you something useful instead.   While every business owner is facing personal and professional challenges as we try to sustain critical operations and adapt to rapidly changing economic conditions, we want you to know […]

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We Did This!

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Did a drive by the other day for a peek at our new logo design which was revealed on the beautiful sign our client, Home Energy Solutions installed in front of their new office.  We love working with local businesses to help out with their branding, marketing and web design needs.   (Home Energy Solutions […]

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Low Hits and Little Traffic: Are you spending enough on marketing?

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You’re all set with your morning coffee in your favorite cup and you’re ready to start the work day. You decide that your first task of the day will be to check your website analytics and you suddenly discover a flatline. Uh oh, now what? You have to ask yourself the question… am I spending […]

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How to Run A Facebook Contest

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If you haven’t seen any new followers in a while or are just looking to kick off a new campaign that will improve business, a Facebook contest could be a good call. The average contest generates a significant amount of new followers so it’s definitely a strategy worth utilizing, but first it’s important to know the steps […]

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4 Essential Elements of Great Web Design

| Marketing Tips · Responsive Web Design · Web Design

  Regardless of the industry, the success of business today depends on a great website. Whether your website’s purpose is to sell products or services, attract new leads, or educate potential and existing clients, a business website is the single most important element for any brand, company, product or service. This is why any smart marketer makes great web design (UI/UX) the top […]

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Smart Marketing: Direct Mail

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Direct Mail has a new advantage, Here’s Why:   There was a time when our mailboxes were loaded with junk mail. Before the days of email and going green, we’d sift out all of the postcards, ads and flyers that cluttered our mailboxes. Most of them just got tossed, but not any more. Now our mailbox […]

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7 Ways to Get New Followers Now!

| Marketing Tips · Social Media Marketing

Does your Social Community need a boost? Like any other marketing tactic, Social Media Marketing will only work with consistency and by delivering what your customer really wants. Acquisition is only the first step, but holding on to your followers is key, so make sure your posts are not only consistent but relevant, interesting and […]

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9 Reasons why SMS Marketing is Ingenious

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SMS stands for Short Message Service, but most people just know it as Texting.   That’s right, instant text messages, an ingenious marketing tool, for the right business. Let’s face it, all of us, or certainly the majority are spending a whole lotta time looking at our phones. We love to keep in touch, we’re […]

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