How to Run A Facebook Contest

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Running a Facebook Contest is Easier than you Think

Running a Facebook Contest is Easier than you Think

If you haven’t seen any new followers in a while or are just looking to kick off a new campaign that will improve business, a Facebook contest could be a good call. The average contest generates a significant amount of new followers so it’s definitely a strategy worth utilizing, but first it’s important to know the steps on how to conduct a Facebook contest.

1. Decide on a prize. Let’s face it: the prize is the real impetus why someone would be interested in your contest. Gift cards are always a hit, or maybe offer a free product or service that your business provides.

2. Decide on the timing of your contest. If you’re trying to generate a great deal of traffic, a long-term contest will help bring new hits to your page every time it’s open. On the other hand, if it drags on for too long, it could lose appeal.

3. Keep it simple and Make Instructions Clear. There is only so much time a person will invest to enter your contest.  Give them no more than 3 steps to follow, make it clear and keep it real simple and something anyone can understand.

4. Use a contest app. Contest Apps such as Rafflecopter, help facilitate your contest by embedding them on social media or on your website. They also allow you

5. Invest in an ad. Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive and they’ll help you reach an audience that isn’t already familiar with your existing fan base. Without an ad, there are only a few ways to get people involved and that’s through email, on your website or through advertising or direct mail.  Promote your contest in as many ways as possible.

6. Use the momentum from the contest. Make sure to publicly congratulate the winner and offer any relevant updates–like, for example, the winning photo or essay–after the contest is over.

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