Ad Campaign / Case Studies / Catalog/Brochure / Identity / Online Marketing / Photography / Print Design / Web/Mobile-Design/Dev

The Client

Revelle is a new violin brand with the vision to transform the experience of choosing and owning a quality string instrument for students, parents and teachers. Revelle instruments focus on performance and feature unique design details that make a big impact on feel and sound.

The Challenge

Thinkhouse was given the honor to play an integral part in building the Revelle brand Рa brand that stands apart, unique and is equally elegant and youthful.  We were challenged with designing and developing the Revelle website, online banner ads, print ads, product brochures, point of sale, packaging and sales support materials, in addition to producing a photoshoot of all Revelle products and student violin players for photography to be used in all applications across all media channels.

The Result

Consumers are responding to the brand identity, with an increase in name recognition, as Revelle is becoming established in the marketplace as the new, young and hip line of stringed instruments and accessories. Future budgets in result of a strong launch, which exceeded sales forecast, is leading to additional marketing tactics including print advertising, email marketing, online advertising and social media which will enable more measurable results.