Retracta-Cade® by Visiontron

Ad Campaign / Brand Strategy / Case Studies / Copywriting / Online Marketing / Print Design / Trade Show Booth Design / Web/Mobile-Design/Dev

The Client

Visiontron is a U.S. manufacturer of signs and crowd control systems for over 50 years. Their signature product, Retracta-Belt® stanchions, can be seen all over the world in airports, casinos, hotels, museums, hospitals, theme parks, stadiums, Fortune 500 companies, etc.

The Challenge

Visiontron developed a new product called The Retracta-Cade®; an innovative, portable barricade for the Police, Fire, Government, Safety and Security forces. Initial sales were sluggish and Visiontron was struggling to make sales. They needed a marketing strategy and a marketing partner to roll it out.

The Result

After conducting much hands-on research as well as face-to-face focus groups, we determined that current barricade users were invested in limited current solutions. To consider an alternative product we needed to create a new urgency and a new protocol for it. The Retracta-Cade® was a solution to a problem they were unaware they had.


Thinkhouse’s idea was to introduce The Retracta-Cade® as a constructive disruptive technology filling a current void for a suitable and practical safety barricade for police, fired and safety officials. We called it the “QDB” (Quick Deployment Barricade) and introduced a completely new protocol as a solution for the specific scenarios and emergency situations we discovered such as to create a safe, impressive perimeter at an active crime scene or road accident, quickly, easily and effectively, or to protect firehoses at the scene of a fire.


We wrote and designed 3 crucial white papers about the QDB protocol which described these scenarios and use cases for The Retracta-Cade®. The white paper was distributed in a variety of ways; digitally through a landing page and pop-up on the website, at trade shows, through digital advertising, direct mail, print and digital advertising, PR, email marketing, and in an animated explainer video production.


Thinkhouse garnered national attention for The Retracta-Cade®, the new protocol, and most importantly, our efforts helped boost sales for our client.