4 Essential Elements Of Great Web Design

Regardless of the industry, the success of business today depends on a great website. Whether your website’s purpose is to sell products or services, attract new leads, or educate potential and existing clients, a business website is the single most important element for any brand, company, product or service. This is why any smart marketer makes great web design (UI/UX) the top priority. While no two websites should look exactly alike and website style and content will vary from business to business, there are 3 essential elements of great web design that apply to any business.

1. Fast loading

A fast loading website is a key factor in creating a positive user experience resulting in retaining visitors and maintaining a low bounce rate. Making a potential customer wait is cardinal sin. To ensure that your website loads as fast as it should, make sure to optimize all images and videos, and check with your website host to make sure you have an appropriate hosting package for your site’s needs.

2. Easy to navigate 

The last thing you want to do to a potential customer is to confuse or frustrate them when they arrive at your URL. Therefore, your navigation and all information should be easy to find and “obviously” categorized, leaving nothing a mystery. An experienced web design agency will have the expertise to think from the users point of view, and execute the right navigation for a positive experience.

3. Easy on the Eyes

When it comes to great web design, less is more and legibility is key. After all, how can you attract and convert customers if they can’t read, find and understand what’s on your website? To ensure that you’ve optimized your website to achieve the best ROI, keep your color scheme simple, your background light, and your font styles clean.

UX (user experience) depends a lot on visual experience. It takes a talented web designer who gets to know you, your business goals and the culture of your company, to design an effective website that conveys the right image for your business.

4. Responsive Design

Simply put, mobile web traffic has surpassed desktop usage and will continue to do so.  Smart phone and tablet users want the same ease of use when it comes to surfing the web as desktop users. If your site isn’t built responsively; meaning optimized to make your site experience consistent and user friendly across all devices, you’re going to lose them. It’s nothing short of a must!

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