Smart Marketing: Direct Mail

Direct Mail has a new advantage, here’s why:

There was a time when our mailboxes were loaded with junk mail. Before the days of email and going green, we’d sift out all of the postcards, ads and flyers that cluttered our mailboxes. Most of them just got tossed, but not any more. Now our mailbox is filled with mostly bills, so the occasional direct mailer is kind of refreshing!

While most marketers have turned to email and cluttered up our inboxes, some say we suffer from email fatigue.

We see this as a new opportunity for marketers. People are reading their mail again, so why not take advantage? Let’s think creatively!  How about using a black envelope? What about something that mails flat and pops up? 3D? Letterpress printing? There are so many cool ways your brand can make a statement.

Here are 6 reasons why you should:

  1. Targeted – Mailing lists can be targeted in many ways such as by gender, zip code, household income, by job title, etc.
  2. Cost Effective – With many options offered by the post office itself, direct mail can run as low as $0.175 per piece.
  3. Creative Options – Endless sizing and printing options.
  4. Personalized – Since the introduction of variable data printing (VDP), targeting your offer to individual customers through personalized greetings and content is possible.
  5. Stands Out – Through creative use of design, sizing, paper stock and print finishes, standing out from the crowd is easy.
  6. Measurable- Use a QR code or trackable coupon codes to measure your response.

Let Thinkhouse help you design a creative, targeted direct mail campaign. Direct mail advertising can be one of the most effective, targeted marketing solutions.


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