Fit For Golf

The Golf Exercise Ball
developed by professional
trainers and golfers.

B2C: Packaging, Print

The Fit For Golf exercise ball for every level of golfer! One easy to use, easy to travel with exercise ball, with illustrated exercises developed by professional golfers. Build strength, increase stamina & flexibility and achieve overall better health. We helped the FFG team with product development, packaging, marketing materials and photography. We think FFG hit a hole in one!

Fit For Golf product design and development by Thinkhouse
Printing and packaging by Thinkhouse ad agency
Packaging and marketing by Thinkhouse advertising agency
Fit For Golf ball design by Thinkhouse marketing agency
Packaging design and printing by Thinkhouse marketing agency
Fit For Golf packaging design and print by Thinkhouse Long Island marketing agency
Fit For Golf photography by Thinkhouse marketing agency


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