Seismic Catalogs.

B2B: Catalogs & Brochures & Trade Show Support

While engineering over 12,000 products for a global client base in building and structural isolation, architectural, seismic & HVAC industries is a feat in itself, redesigning the over 600 page catalog that culminates these products and all of the data that supports them, was also no easy task.

Mason also asked Thinkhouse to redesign a 277 page catalog and then translate it into 6 different languages. These copy, data and chart-heavy pages are a lot to orchestrate. Like Mason, we do the heavy lifting like nobody else.

Mason Industries, fiercely loyal to its history, culture, and integrity; we are honored and thrilled that you chose Thinkhouse to rebuild your seismic catalogs.

Mason Industries Product Catalog design by Thinkhouse marketing agency
600 Page Product Catalog

Product Catalog design in multiple Languages by Thinkhouse marketing agency
125 Page Product Catalog – Translated into multiple languages

Product Catalog design and print by Thinkhouse ad agency
350 Page Product Catalog


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